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Cyberpunk is a game of the dark future.

This particular one, is very dark.

The U.S. has fallen, not to some foreign power or attack, but to it’s own decadence. Through corporate power and monopolies and the governments deficit, the economy was shot. The U.S. government had no money to spend, inflation made it impossible to keep up with the debt, and the corporations turned to other currency to stay in power. It started with privatization, corporations bought individual responsibilities of the government until there was nothing left for them to govern.

This is not the U.S. as you knew it, this is Corporate America now, and if they can, they will own you to.

Night City is massive, It is larger than New York and has near-endless sprawls of towering buildings, from the 1000+ story start-scrapers, to the condemned warehouses. The rich live in corporate housing, protected by walls, gates, guards, and guns, lots of guns. The poor live where ever they can sleep and still wake up the next morning. Middle class is a group constantly moving around, for enemies learn where you are quickly. Those that can try to keep several safe houses around the city, others just carry all their belongings with them, whether its in a backpack, car, or mobile home.

Currently looking for players, looking to meet during the week from 6:30 pm to 9-ish.
looking for a group of 3-5 players. The game system is similar to D20, but uses D10, and is actually simpler and easier to learn.

msg me if your interested, I can provide all the books needed. Bring your own dice if you got’em.

All you need are D10’s and D6’s

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