Takumi "Spider" Yuy

"Spider" Is a tech artist. He has built some of the most intricate and advanced Tech around, everything from chipware, cbyerlimbs, to full body conversions.


Spider is well known in the black-market cyberware business for his unique tech, most built custom, and then reproduced for the masses. He is an expert in cybertech, and also borderline paranoid, though he doesn’t act like it (if it’s him your actually talking to). It is rumored he has several remote bodies he controls for interaction. His shop appears unguarded, it is anything but. If he doesn’t want you there, you’ll know very quickly, and then know nothing, very quickly. Spider has made custom cyberware ranging from hidden cyber weapons to personalized cyberware. He also crafts a number of other objects, from tanks to robots to custom guns.

Appearance: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Location: Usually Unknown
Cyberware: Don’t even try to find out.


Takumi "Spider" Yuy

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